3 Oct 2019

Full-Time HR Administrator Job at Smith & Nephew

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Job Description

Overall Summary

Responsible for providing assistance to the Human Resources team on an as required basis.

2.             Key Performance Areas

2.1           Maintain annual leave, sick leave and other leave records to validate against

    Workday data

2.2          Assist HR with the on-boarding of new employees, changes required to

                current employees’ compensation and employee terminations

2.3          Provide assistance to HR on ShareSave administration

2.4          Maintain pensioner and retiree records in respect of medical aid

2.5          Investigate enquiries from ex-employees on Pension/Provident Fund withdrawals


2.6          Provide administrative assistance to the HR team as required

3.             Key Functions/Tasks

Annual Leave, Sick Leave and Other Leave

  • Run dual Annual and Sick Time-Off leave records (monthly) by uploading Workday data onto a manual system, checking attendance registers against the information in Workday and following up with employees and managers on leave not captured into Workday.
  • Investigate discrepancies between SA leave records and Workday records.
  • Maintain a manual leave recording system for Compassionate/Family Responsibility Leave, Court Leave and Ortho Trauma leave and follow up with employees and managers on outstanding documentation.
  • Prepare detailed reconciliations of individual employee’s annual and sick leave records, as required.
  • In July and November each year, prepare a list of employees who will potentially exceed the maximum accrual at year-end.  E-mail all affected employees, with a copy to managers, informing them of the risk of forfeiture of excess leave at year-end.
  • E-mail managers in November each of year with the annual leave balances for their teams to year-end to assist them in managing their department’s requirements over the festive season.  At the same time, e-mail all employees advising them of their annual leave balance to end October and leave days available to year-end.
  • Monthly attendance registers, doctor’s notes and Leave Application forms to be filed in the relevant Lever Arch Files (in the Store Room).

    On-boarding of New Employees / Changes to Employees’ Compensation /

    Employee Terminations:

    Monthly Requirements

  • On acceptance of an offer by a new employee, check the HR starter pack documentation and pre-employment documents against the New Employee Checklist; allocate the employee a VIP number and open a file.
  • Submit new employee Discovery Health Medical Aid Applications, Ambledown Gap Cover Applications and Provident Fund New Entrant Forms to Alexander Forbes for processing.  Submit Petrol Card applications to Johannesburg office for processing.  Where possible, this should be actioned before the employee’s start date.
  • Send the second batch of HR documents for completion to the new employee care of the manager.  These documents should available for the new employee on their start date.
  • Prepare documentation for loading new employees onto the Payroll and have this authorised.
  • Where necessary, liaise with new employees on outstanding Discovery Health applications, Provident Fund applications and other HR documents.
  • Prepare documentation for Payroll on employee promotions and transfers, and any other changes where compensation is affected, and have this authorised.
  • For Sales employees, advise the relevant management accountant of the new employee / promoted employee’s commission structure.
  • Update the monthly Payroll Checklist as changes come through for Payroll.  Note on the Payroll Checklist any items for follow up in future months.
  • Assist employees with medical aid changes eg. Newborn Applications, Additional Dependant Applications, Vitality cancellations etc. and submit documents to Payroll.
  • Reconcile Ambledown Gap Cover and Discovery Health billing to Payroll.
  • Employee Terminations

    –    E-mail employee on matters relating to their termination, advise AF Health and Ambledown of employee’s termination date (this to be done no later than the end of the month in which the employee is leaving) calculate leave pay on termination prepare ShareSave withdrawal calculation and Equiniti Withdrawal Form (if applicable).

  • Assist employees with the transfer of Discovery Health membership to private capacity, if applicable, alternatively send employee Discovery Health Certificate of Membership confirming withdrawal date.
  • If required, assist employees with the transfer of Ambledown Gap Cover to private capacity.
  • Send all relevant documents to Payroll (leave pay calculation and/or ShareSave withdrawal calculation) with instruction on final salary payment date.
  • Enter all termination details onto Employee Termination Checklist.
  • On termination, obtain Employee Manager and IT Department signature on Termination Checklist confirming return of Company property.  Document to be placed on the employee file.
  • Remove doctor’s notes and any other Leave Application from the Leave files and place on the employee’s file.
  • Prepare UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) Forms, as required.
  • Retain a copy of all documentation for the current month’s payroll and before the next pay run, conduct an audit of all information submitted to Payroll.  Following the audit, file all documentation in the relevant employee files.
  • Reconcile Ambledown Gap Cover premiums monthly and send to Ambledown.
  • Complete monthly Staff Movements Schedule for HR Generalist.

    Annual Requirements

  • Liaise with the Divisional Heads at the beginning of each year on commission structures for the current year.  Each Sales employee to be advised of their commission structure for the year, with a copy to the manager.
  • Once finalised, advise relevant employees of their Elite Club Status – New Elite members, employees continuing their Elite Club status, Step Down status, Reinstatements and Cancellations.  Management Accountants to be advised accordingly.

    3.3          ShareSave Administration

  • Update ShareSave interest calculations monthly across all plans.
  • Prepare monthly reconciliation of employees’ investment in ShareSave by allocating interest to each participant’s investment and withdrawing employees who have cancelled their participation in the Scheme.
  • Assist employees with the documentation required to withdraw from any of the ShareSave plans, calculate the interest on their investment and prepare the withdrawal schedule for Payroll.
  • E-mail ShareSave Withdrawal Forms to Equiniti as and when required.
  • Assist employees, who wish to exercise and keep their shares, with the documentation required to apply for tax clearance and on receipt of tax clearance prepare the documentation to remit the funds to Smith & Nephew UK.
  • Calculate the profit element on employees who exercise and keep their shares and submit this to Payroll for tax purposes.  Employees who keep their shares are required to pay income tax on the difference between the option price and the share price at the time the options are exercised.
  • On maturity, prepare a schedule for Payroll reflecting the profit from the sale of employees’ shares and calculate the savings and interest to be refunded.
  • Calculate cumulative interest accrued/paid out for each tax year and prepare/distribute IT3(b) tax certificates for all ShareSave participants.
  • Assist former employees with Smith & Nephew shares in the ESN with the paperwork required to sell their shares. Submit documentation to Equiniti for processing and pay proceeds on receipt to former employee.  (No tax deduction required by Smith & Nephew as proceeds are subject to Capital Gains Tax and not PAYE).

    Pensioners and Retirees Medical Aid

  • Maintain Pensioner and Retiree data, namely contact details, medical aid plans and contributions
  • On receipt of the General Ledger print-out from Payroll, reconcile Retiree medical aid contributions for the current month.
  • Advise pensioners and retirees in writing annually of changes to their medical aid contributions.
  • Liaise with retirees on queries or discrepancies in medical aid payments.
  • Prepare tax certificates annually for all pensioners and retirees on medical aid, reflecting their own and Company contributions.
  • Download monthly payment schedule from Old Mutual website with Pensioner medical aid deductions.
  • Update medical aid deductions for pensioners on the Old Mutual website.  To be actioned in January each year and as required eg amending the medical aid contribution for a surviving spouse.
  • At the end of each period, advise Payroll of the medical aid provision for the period.  This represents the 60% Company contribution for pensioners and retirees Discovery Health membership.


    Employees retired as members of the Smith & Nephew Pension Fund qualify for post-retirement medical aid and receive a pension from Old Mutual.  Old Mutual deduct the pensioner’s 40% medical aid contribution from the pension and pay this over to Smith & Nephew.


    Employees were members of the Pension Fund and transferred to the Provident Fund in late 1994.  By virtue of their membership of the Pension Fund such employees are entitled to post-retirement medical aid on attaining age 65.  Retirees pay their 40% medical aid contribution to Smith & Nephew each month.

    Enquiries from Ex-Employees on Pension/Provident Fund Withdrawals

    Investigate enquiries from former employees on Pension / Provident Fund withdrawals and Long Service Shares and assist former employees and/or their families with the documentation required to process a claim

  • Check Pension Fund Surplus List for any benefit that may be due.
  • Check list of Trusts administered by Garlicke and Bousfield
  • Contact NBC for any Provident Fund Withdrawal information.
  • All weekly paid employee files are held by BSN Medical.  For more information on any former employee, liaise with HR at BSN Medical (Liza de Klerk).
  • Liaise with the Unclaimed Benefits Fund and the family on Pension Fund Surplus Claims.
  • Liaise with Garlicke & Bousfield and the family on funds held in Trust for the children of employees who passed away whilst in service

    4.0          HR General Admin

                    Assist staff with ad-hoc HR queries as and when required.

Location: South Africa, Westville, KwaZulu-Natal

Closing Date: Ongoing

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